The Visual Design

Artfully displaying 5M sq. ft.

Research shows that by 2023, smartphone shopping will comprise 6% of retail and influence another 33% of offline sales. To cater to mobile shoppers, who tend to be on the move, this creative design has an overall focus on streamlining the existing customer journey in every way imaginable. A core goal was to create a vision that is an extension of the mall’s brand in a way that earns the trust of it's consumers. It’s all about functionality and what users can do, easily and quickly as the app design tightly integrates with the physical location.


The design literally extends the customer experience outside the stores and greatly enhances it while on the inside. The UI delivers on shoppers’ considerations with a clean and robust design that showcases critical information and interactive content. The user interface aces the basics with intelligent search capabilities and filters that include key shopper criteria, that is often overlooked in lesser applications.

Additionally, I have envisioned personalization features and experimented with new technologies that enhance the digital product discovery and shopping experience.

This creative design direction was part of a new business pitch I partnered on.


A color palette that is so minimal, it is almost non existent. Still, it is very effective at highlighting key user interface elements.


Essential shopping information is at the user's fingertips. All critical mall and store information is showcased through the use of modern and elegant typography.


A trend-setting design that allows for the display of vast info through "stacks". This is combined with an innovative swipe-based main menu placing nearly everything a tap away.