The Visual Design

A striking design, on-demand.

The user interface features an interactive video platform that connects the videos you love to all the things you already do online. It’s a richly designed experience, tailored to users while also offering tools for producers on the back end. Humans are naturally inquisitive. Computers and mobile devices have trained users to expect answers the same instant they consider a question. GRAVIDI was designed to deliver a platform where users can stream video, and have every ancillary detail that could possibly come to mind effortlessly and beautifully incorporated into a single screen, on a single device. The design integrates a wealth of curated editorial content, which is accessible at any time while watching a video. Viewers also have in-app access to share and discuss without interrupting the flow and quality of the overall video experience. There is literally no limit to how much information and interactivity you can have within a single screen when the interface is as clean and elegant as this one.


At it’s debut, Engadget proclaimed, “GRAVIDI has a good approach … the experience was fast and fluid ... what users will see is a clean interface … [It] turns your video watching into a more in-depth experience."


A color palette that is squarely rooted in the brand. It colorfully expands the brand's core essence, attributes and quality for which it stands.


Effortlessly allowing in-app access to user sharing and discussion without interrupting the flow and quality of their overall video watching experience.


A UI that turns video watching into a much more in-depth experience. Executed in part by overlaying information – music lyrics from music videos; details about actor – as the video streams.